Charlie Cadenhead Presidential Award

Charlie CadenheadThis award was created in 2010 by the Texas Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society in honor and memory of Charlie Cadenhead, to promote and recognize the Chapter members who demonstrate his same passion and enjoyment of Corvettes. The purpose of establishing this award is to recognize NCRS Texas Chapter members that demonstrate the qualities and character of the award’s namesake, Charlie Cadenhead.

To be eligible for this an applicant must:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Texas Chapter of the NCRS both currently and for the past two preceding years.
  2. Be a member in good standing of the NCRS
  3. Achieve a level 1 or higher rating in the NCRS Judging or Tabulation recognition program.
  4. Within a 36 month time frame the applicant must:
    1. Submit two articles to the Tailpipe
    2. Achieve a Founder’s Award (or Re-Founder) OR a Sportsman Award (or re-Sportsman) OR a Folz Award.
    3. Actively participate (help organize, work, etc - not just attend) and drive a corvette to four chapter sponsored events (chapter, regional or national meets put on by the chapter, tech sessions, charity event, social event, judging school) not to include the Chapter Road Tour.
    4. Participate in the entire (drive all days) Chapter Road Tour

Upon completion of all the above the applicant must submit into the chapter judging chairman a request to be recognized for this award. After verifying that all requirements have been met, the Judging Chairman will submit the name to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval by the board the judging chairman will notify the applicant that the award has been earned. The award will be presented to the applicant at the next Lone Star Regional. The award will consist of a plaque and a Hawaiian shirt.